Surrey SLA autumn 2018 event review

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On Wednesday 21st November 2018, the Surrey Branch of the School Library Association, of which I am a committee member held our autumn meeting at Guildford School.

Titled “Best Practice Festival”, we had 14 eager School Librarians from around the county come to present and listen to each other about what works well (WWW) in the School Library. Some fantastic skill, tips and hacks shared…

The Surrey Branch of the UKSLA attending the Best Practice Festival 21st November 2018
As invited guests The Day came along to present to us about how useful the online daily news tool is for a whole school and curriculum wide resource.
Irene talking to us about Kids Lit Quiz and encouraging us all to take part.
Having fun with origami fortune tellers – foretelling of the next book to read. A simple way to engage students in a lunchtime.
Sam telling us about CHSG Book Pixies, inspired by Emma Watson (Harry Potter’s Hermione) leaving books on the New York Subway. Sam encourages her students to leave books around Carshalton.
Sam encourages people to tweet when they pick up the book in the community.
The Guilty Librarian Soundcloud on YouTube. Click on the link at the end of this blog…

Supporting your local SLA branch is really important in our profession. Often we are solitary librarians and in schools that don’t fully understand what a librarian does. Having those around you that ‘get it!’ occasionally gives you the momentum to keep “librarianing”!

The Great School Libraries Campaign is in schools right now and I, for one, am looking forward to the results, though I feel that they won’t be painting a pretty picture. But a picture can paint a thousand words… it’s what we do with those words that counts.

The Surrey branch of the UK School Library Association is run by four librarians: Frances Stanbury, Chair. Irene Marillat, Branch Finance Officer and School Librarian at Tolworth Girls School. Anne Thompson, Committee Member and retired School Librarian. Cathi Woods, Committee Member and School Librarian at Howard of Effingham School (currently on sabbatical as attending City, Universtiy of London, studying a Master’s degree in Library Science).

Following other school librarians on Twitter also makes you feel less isolated.

We are on Twitter, Irene is @bibliodd. Anne is @Alibrarylady. Cathi is @CathiLibraryreg and collectively we are @SLA_UK_SURREY.

Our Twitter feed will have more upcoming events organised for School Librarians, Teachers, Teaching assistants, SENCO, NQT’s, and anyone else interested in school library life. After-school events are always free to attend and we supply refreshments too!

If you and your school would like to join then click the link for more details.


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